is the brainchild of Lucid Labs, a tech startup in Tempe, Arizona. Lucid wanted to create a place where individuals could easily find solutions to their problems, as well as communicate and review vendors. It’s a convenient one-stop shop to source all your charter school’s needs.

Lucid’s years of attendance of the National Charter Schools Conference, held by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has allowed us the opportunity to make connections with the nation’s best service providers and vendors. We coupled these connections with strategic, handpicked selections sourced online. Vendors may also submit their listings to the directory personally to add their services to the ever-growing list.

To continually provide the best possible resources, we need your help! If you know of a great vendor, either register on the site or drop us a line on the contact page to give us details! This directory is only as good as its users—the more we add to the community, the more valuable this resource becomes.