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Since 1995, Designs for Learning (DL) has founded or co-founded more than a dozen charter schools in Minnesota. Several schools are built around the Community Learning Center (CLC) model; in other cases school founders approach us for assistance with ideas they have for new programs. We bring a broad range of experience to the complex and inter-related tasks of founding, developing, managing and growing self-sufficient charter schools. We are most effective serving clients with whom we have longer term, mutually beneficial relationships, that allow us to continuously tailor integrated services that meet their changing needs. We are unique — we can cost-effectively carry out these services for our clients, but we also can train and equip client staff to perform these tasks. Designs for Learning’s mission is to assist charter schools in all stages of development and operation. We realize that the needs for developers differ greatly from the needs of a mature, operating charter school. Customized consulting and training are available on request.

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